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Commemorative RO 1 Wins Special Achievement Award at Azerbaijan Currency Printing Conference   (29/03/2017)


The commemorative One Omani Rial (RO 1) banknote issued by the Central Bank of Oman to celebrate Sultanate's 45th National Day has won the Special Achievement Award at the Security Currency Printing Conference held on March 28th 2017 in Baku the capital city of Azerbaijan.

The One Rial banknote, characterized by a number of security features was issued for circulation in November 2015 to mark country's 45th National day. The obverse side of the banknote is adorned with the photograph of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, God Almighty protect him. The banknote bears the emblem of the 45th Anniversary of the Glorious National Day and contains many prominent features including the raised tactile marks on the banknote which can be felt from both sides of the note. This tactile feature helps the blind or the visually impaired to recognize the denomination of the currency. Other features include a security thread in two metallic colors (copper and aluminum) with metalized images of the Omani Khanjar and 'ONE RIAL" and number "1" written in both Arabic and English. In addition, the banknote depicts a watermark/electrotype Portrait of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the numeral "1" which clearly appears as the note is viewed against the light. An Optically Variable Ink - a color shift between green and golden-brown is revealed when the note is tilted towards the light.

The see through feature, (the Complete Photo) the printing of the colored Khanjar on the backside of the note completes the image of the white Khanjar on the obverse of the note when viewed against the light.

Another feature is the "hidden Photo" of the number "1", which appears when the note is viewed indirectly. Additionally, there are several other minute details on the banknote that can be read clearly by using a magnifying glass. The note cannot be copied by colored copiers or scanners. The number "1" also appears in Arabic micro-lettering and is in white. This feature was embedded on the note as it cannot be copied using colored copiers and scanners.

The Omani Rial banknote also is characterized by a secure background composed of detailed and complex patterns and is printed in similar and coordinated manner. It contained a counter scanning pattern. It was printed on the banknote in pale color so that it can be clearly pointed out on a fake banknote.

Among the most prominent features depicted on the banknote are Al Alam Al Amer Palace in Muscat on the obverse side of the note and also Sultan Qaboos University on the reverse. The reverse side also depicts an image of the pontia glauconome, a desert white butterfly native to Oman.